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Staging Your Home For Sale

Selling your home can be more work than people realize, if you want to get the most money from the sale of your home there are quite a few things that you can do.  Here are some of the things you should consider, the first of which is staging your home for sale.

Staging Your Home For Sale

Many people are resistant to staging their homes, they think that it’s perfectly fine the way it is.  Just because your house is set up and decorated the way you like doesn’t mean that it’s the best way to present it for sale.  Keep in mind, everyone looks at things from their own perspective and when you’re selling your the general consensus is that you want your home to be as appealing as possible to as many potential buyers as possible.  A professional stager is trained to understand this and they also have a detached and objective view of your home.  Let’s face it, you’ve probably lived there a long time and may have an attachment to it and to how it currently looks.  A stager can make recommendations that you may not think make your house better but in fact do make it better for selling.

Home Staging Furniture Rental

Along with providing their expertise and knowledge, another key factor in how effective a home stager’s efforts are would be their home staging furniture rental options.  Some home stagers work independently and rely on their own inventory of staging furniture and accessories, others will use a company that supplies home staging furniture to professional stagers throughout the region.  The challenge for those that do it themselves is that they are usually limited in their selection of items.  Every house is different and there are many different requirements for couches, chairs, beds, lamps, decor, art work, throw pillows, carpets and more.  It’s a challenge to maintain enough inventory so that you have the right items that fit well into any home.  It’s also a challenge to keep this inventory current and stylish.  That’s why many staging professionals now rely on companies that specialize in providing all of these things to many of the stagers in the region.  It provides a pooled resource with more inventory to choose from so they can put the right items into your home to optimize it for showing.

Painting Your Home For Sale

Generally speaking, painting the interior of your home is often a very good investment.  A home that has more neutral paint on the walls will reduce the number of viewers that are turned off by specific colours.  Brighter walls can also make a home look bigger and more inviting.  You may love your darker coloured rooms but it’s not worth losing a potential buyer.  Many will say that people will look past that, and to some extent I do agree.  But the reality is if someone doesn’t like the colour of a room it can give them a negative impression.  Yes they may know that they can paint it to their liking but they haven’t actually seen the room how they like it and not everyone is great a visualizing things.  It’s also another negative check mark on their evaluation of your home and more work that they perceive they’ll need to do if they buy it.  Painting your home can turn into tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket.

Other Home Improvements

It’s best to consult with your staging professional regarding any time and money that you are considering investing into your home as you prepare to sell it.  Some things can definitely be worth it while other things may be a waste of your time and money.  Improving your curb appeal can definitely be worthwhile, you don’t get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression.  Updating garage doors can be expensive but depending on the state of your current garage doors it may be helpful.  The same goes for the entrance to your home, having a nice step into your home and clean yard work and gardening all affect peoples initial impression which can be crucial.  Try to fix anything that’s broken, you don’t want buyers to think the house is falling apart.  If you had any water damage in the past be sure to repair the issue and fix anything that shows evidence that it ever happened.  Updating your kitchen can be very costly and you should give very careful consideration before taking that step.  Yes it may look much better with granite counter tops, but you also don’t know what colour the eventual buyer wants.  If your current counter tops are a disaster then it may be an easier decision.

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